Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

William Plumer Fowler

New Hampshire

"William Plumer Fowler, was a lawyer and recognized poet; a graduate of Roxbury Latin School, Dartmouth College, and Harvard Law School. A life-long 'student-scholar' of the works of the poet-dramatist [William Shakespeare], Fowler was for 12 years, prior to 1984, president of The Shakespeare Club of Boston." [Source: Minos Publishing Company, publisher of William Plumer Fowler's Shakespeare Revealed in Oxford's Letters][Fowler is listed on the New Hampshire Authors page as a poet; no mention of his being a lawyer.] [Note: Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901), another lawyer-poet, trafficked in the Shakespeare authorship question and wrote on the subject.]

"William Plumer Fowler is a lawyer who has been writing sonnets since 1939. Born at Little Boar's Head on the New Hampshire seacoast, Mr. Fowler still makes his home there, while maintaining law offices in New Hampshire and in Boston. . . . For over ten summers, until his graduation from Law School, Mr. Fowler engaged extensively in fishing and lobstering off the New Hampshire coast. He was former president of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Shakespeare Club of Boston, and Boston Authors Club; and is a Trustee of Union Chapel at Little Boar's Head." [back dustjacket, William Plumer Fowler, New England Sonnets (Boston: Branden Press, 1966)]

Fowler "is best known for his sonnets, having composed 141—in the Shakespearean, Petrarchan, Miltonian, Spenserian, and composite forms. . . . For over fifteen years he climbed mountains and skied with the Appalachian Mountain Club, of which he was successively Chairman of its first Committee on Skiing, Vice President, and President, besides negotiating the purchase of its Cardigan Reservation, and leading its annual trips to the Isles of Shoals. . . ." [back dustjacket, Sunset Wings (Hampton, New Hampshire: Peter E. Randall, 1981)]

[We originally placed Fowler's date of birth as 1901. We have now been informed by a family member, Miles Fowler, that the date should be 1900.]


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