Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

John E. Hall


"Was born in Philadelphia. He was educated for the law, but turned his attention from that to literaure, and became the editor of the Port Folio, after the death of Dennie. He was also the conductor of a law journal, and translated Emerigon. A variety of his articles in prose and verse in the Port Folio, are from his pen." [Samuel Kettell (ed.), Specimens of American Poetry 122 (New York: Benjamin Blom, 1829)(vol. 3)] [online text] [Joseph Dennie]


"John E. Hall was born December, 1783. He was educated at Princeton, read law with Judge Hopkinson, was admitted to practice in 1905, and removed to Baltimore. He published 'The American Law Journal,' in Philadelphia, from 1808 to 1817. He was elected Professor of Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres in the University of Maryland. He collected and arranged an edition of 'The British Spy,' to which he contributed several letters, much to the gratification of Wirt, the author. . . . He left Baltimore [after the 1811 riots] to Philadelphia, where he assumed the editorhip of 'The Portfolio,' in 1806. The 'Memoirs of Anacreon,' in that journal, were from his pen. . . . In 1827, he edited, with biographical and critical notes, 'The Philadelphia Souvenir,' a collection of fugitive pieces from the press of that city. . . . In the same year was published in Philadelphia, in an octavo volume, 'Memoirs of Eminent Persons, with Portraits and Fac-Similes, written and in part selected by the Editor of the Portfolio.' In consequence of his declining health, 'The Portfolio' was discontinued in 1827. He died June 11th, 1829, in the forty-sixth year of his age."[Henry Simpson, The Lives of Eminent Philadelphians, Now Deceased 467-468 (Philadelphia: William Brotherhead, 1859) [online text]