Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

James Maurice Thompson

Indiana & Georgia

Civil engineer, surveyor, naturalist, geologist, lawyer,
politician, novelist, poet, sportsman

Benjamin S. Parker & Enos B. Heiney, Poets and Poetry of Indiana: A Representative Collection of the Poetry of Indiana During the First Hundred Years of its History as Territory and State, 1800 to 1900 (Chicago: Silver, Burdett and Company, 1900)

James Maurice Thompson, the son of a Baptist minister, was born in Fairfield, Indiana in 1844. Yhe Thompson family moved to north Georgia when Thompson was still a young boy. He was educated by tutors in the classical languages, literature, French and mathematics which provided the basis for his later work as a civil engineer. During the Civil War, Thompson, and his younger brother (by two years), Will Henry Thompson, served in the Confederate Army. After the war, Thompson took up residence in Calhoun, Georgia, studied surveying and engineering and took up the study of law. He lived in Calhoun two years and began his career as a writer there. In 1867, he began a botanical and ornithological survey of Lake Okeechobee in Florida (for reasons we have not yet determined).

After conducting this and other surveys, Thompson and his brother, headed north and ended up in Crawfordsville, Indiana, a town where they knew no one. Maurice found work as an engineer on a new railroad being built and the Thompson brothers married sisters. In 1871, Thompson moved from engineering work to law and opened an office with his brother. Now engaged in the practice of law, Thompson again took up writing, and in 1873 the Atlantic Monthly published one of his articles, after which he undertook a series of articles on archery which is acclaimed today in archery circles as the first effort to popularize the sport.

Thompson's first book appeared in 1875 and over the ensuing years he wrote in different genres, including novels and poetry. He was elected to the Indiana State Legislature in 1879.

Crawfordsville was also the adopted home of another lawyer, soldier, author, and sometimes poet, Lew Wallace.

[The biographical sketch is drawn from R.E. Banta, Indiana Authors and Their Books 1816-1916 317-319 (Crawfordsville, Indiana: Wabash College, 1949)]

[Thompson was born on September 9, 1844 and spent his early life in Kentucky and Georgia. See Edmund Clarence Stedman (ed.), An American Anthology 1787-1899 826 (Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1900)]

Maurice Thompson
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Maurice Thompson

Maurice Thompson (1844-1901)
Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry, Muncie, Indiana.

James Maurice Thompson: A Talented Hoosier

Maurice Thompson, the Early Years

Maurice Thompson, the Sylvan Years

Maurice Thompson, the War Years

The Final Years


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Egyptian archer with arrow-heads and stone-tipped reed arrow.

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