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Lew Wallace was a lawyer, soldier, politician, diplomat, and author. He served in both the War with Mexico and as a Major General during the Civil War. He served Indiana as a state senator, was appointed territorial Governor of New Mexico, and Minister to Turkey. He wrote the novel Ben Hur, one of the most popular novels of the 19th century.

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Roger C. Adams, Rare Books Librarian, Kansas State University, when asked if Lew Wallace was a poet, responded as follows:

Lew Wallace was, indeed, a poet. At least three of his poems were set to music. "The Stolen Stars" was written in 1863, published in Harper's Weekly (August 22nd) and then published as sheet music entitled, "The Stolen Stars." One poem from Ben-Hur was set to music and published as "Kapila." Yet another from Ben-Hur was published as "The Lament," "Egyptian Song," and "Song of Iras." Still another was published as "The Song of Tirzah" and "Wake Not, But Hear Me, Love." Wallace also wrote an epic poem, "The Wooing of Malkatoon," first published by Harper in 1898 together with his play "Commodus." To the best of my knowledge, the three poems from Ben-Hur, "The Stolen Stars," and "The Wooing of Malkatoon" are his only works of poetry.

[Roger C. Adams, Rare Books Librarian, Assistant Professor, Special Collections, Hale Library, Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas, personal communication to James R. Elkins]

Wallace moved to Crawfordsville, Indiana when he was nine years old, where he joined his brother who was attending Wabash college. Crawfordsville, Wallace's adopted home, was also home to another lawyer/poet, Maurice Thompson. Lew Wallace spoke favorably of still another, lawyer/soldier/poet, William O. Butler, of Kentucky.

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The Passion of Lew Wallace
["The incredible story of how a disgraced Civil War general became one of the best-selling novelists in American history."][John Swansburg, Slate, March 26, 2013]

Lew Wallace: Soldier, Statesman & Scholar

Lew Wallace

Lewis Wallace (1827-1905)

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The Trial of Captain Henry Wirz, Commandant, Andersonville Prison, 1865

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Song from "Ben Hur"


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[Bibliography of editions of Ben-Hur]

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Major General Lew Wallace

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