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Lyon Gardiner Tyler


Lyon Gardiner Tyler, the son of John Tyler, 10th President of the United States was born at Charles City County in 1853. He attended the University of Virginia, became a member of the bar and practiced law at Richmond, Virginia. He served in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1887, and in 1888 was named President of the College of William and Mary, a position he held until 1919. Tyler also served as an officer of the Virginia Historical Society. In addition to the practice of law, politics, and educational administration, Tyler was an historian and an occasional poet. His poetry was published in various periodicals of the day.

[Source: Armistead C. Gordon, Jr., Virginian Writers of Fugitive Verse 131 (New York: James T. White & Co., 1923)]

Lyon Gardiner Tyler

Lyon G. Tyler and the Quest for a Dissertation

A Confederate Catechism



Spirit voices tell me, dreaming,
"Courage, cease repining:
Soon she will come in glorious seeming,
Face with starlike radiance beaming,
Hair down fairest shoulders streaming,
Eyes with magic shining."

Spirit forms in glorious keeping
With these voices cheering,
Haunt me whether wake or sleeping,
All my soul in gladness steeping,
Change to smiling all my weeping
With their looks endearing.

Spirit hands are all around me
In the morn awaking;
In a trance-like state they've bound me,
And with love's sweet garlands crowned me,
All day long they still surround me,
Never once forsaking!

Spirit lips are whispering ever
Words of wondrous power:
"Soon she will come, to part ah! never,
Soon no human hand can sever
Ties that bind two hearts forever
In love's happy bower."

[Virginian Writers of Fugitive Verse, at 360]


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