Advanced Criminal Law: Convicting the Innocent
Professor James R. Elkins College of Law
West Virginia University|Fall|2016|



False Confessions


Richard A. Leo & Steven A. Drizin, "The Three Errors: Pathways to False Confession and Wrongful Convictions," in G. Daniel Lassiter & Christian Meissner (eds.), Police Interrogations and False Confessions: Current Research, Practice, and Policy Recommendations (American Psychological Association, 2010) [online text]

Brandon L. Garrett, Contaminated Confessions Revisited, 101 Va. L. Rev. 395 (2015) [online text]

Class Videos

False Confessions: Introduction

False Confessions [9:12 mins.] [Vera Institute of Justice] [Saul Kassin, Professor of Psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice] [for a longer version of Saul Kassin's comments, see: Why Innocent People Confess] [29:47 mins.] [Kassin's presentation begins at 2:46 mins.]

Chris Ochoa

Chris Ochoa: A True Story of a False Confession [ 4:03 mins.]

Supplemental Videos: Chris Ochoa Interview [ 4:25 mins.] I Didn't Do It: Chris Ochoa [ 45:50 mins.]

Byron Halsey

Byron Halsey Exonerated [2:11 mins.] [coerced false confession]

Anthony Dansberry

Tricked Into Confessing To Murder [5:26 mins.] [Center on Wrongful Convictions]

Juan Rivera

The Case Against Juan Rivera [7:51 mins.]

Supplemental Videos: Convicted Despite DNA: The Juan Rivera Case [7:23 mins.] [Center on Wrongful Convictions] [jail house informant] Juan Rivera on False Confessions [5:21 mins.] Juan Rivera Released from Prison [3:35 mins.] Wrongfully Convicted: The Juan Rivera Story [8:14 mins.] Possible Changes in Interrogation Tactics to Prevent False Confessions [9:21 mins.]

False Confessions in Chicago

Chicago: The False Confession Capital [13:30 mins.] [60 Minutes] [juvenile false convictions] [featuring James Hardin, Terrill Swift, Robert Taylor, Jonathan Barr, Michael Saunders, Harold Richardson, Vincent Thames] [presenting six cases in which defendants were found guilty solely on the basis of coerced confessions]

False Confessions in the Central Park 5 Case

Central Park Five's Yusef Salaam: Donald Trump Needs to Be Fired from Running for President [17:39 mins.] [Democracy Now]

False Confession Videos

The Psychology of False Confessions
[15:33 mins.]

The System: False Confessions
[49:16 mins.] [Joe Berlinger] [Al Jazeera] [one of the cases featured involves Jeffrey Deskovic :: Jeffrey Deskovic speaks about False Confessions :: 4:53 mins. For additional videos on the Jeffrey Deskovic case, see the Deskovic entry: Case Studies: Short Studies Master File]

Wrongful Convictions: Rob Warden
[11:09 mins.] [discussing the Dennis Williams case] [TED Talk]

Why Would a Kid Falsely Confess to a Crime?
[15:53 mins.] [Joshua Tepfer, TED Talk]

False Confessions and Compensation
[5:47 mins.]

The Science of Justice
[1:10:06 mins.] [panel discussion, at 33:17 mins. , begins to discuss coerced false confessions; panelists include journalist Jim Dwyer, Innocence Project co-founder Peter Neufeld, forensic scientist Mechthild Prinz, psychologist Saul Kassin and law professor Ekow Yankah who discusses uncertainty in the courtroom] [discussion of false confessions ends at 54:28 mins.]

False Confessions Symposium
[1:42:54 mins.] [Washington & Lee] Panel 2 [1:01:02 mins.] Panel 3 [1:45:24 mins.] Panel 4 [1:28:02 mins.]

False Confessions: When the Innocent Confess and the Guilty Go Free
[1:39:38 mins.] [The Constitution Project]

Scott Bessler on False Confessions
[1:04:58 mins.] [Bessler is introduced by Mark Godsey, Director of the Ohio Innocence Project]

Dan Ringer Talks with West Virginia College of Law Professor Valenta Beety and Ifeoma Ike, a policy advocate with the New York Innocence Project [26:42 mins.] [The Law Works, West Virginia Public Broadcasting]

Courts Reactions to False Confession Evidence
[2:53 mins.]

A Defense Lawyer Talking about the Introduction of False Confession Evidence in Trials [1:27 mins.]

False Confessions: The Shame of the Legal System
[28:21 mins.]

Investigating and Litigating False Confessions in Post-Conviction Innocence Cases
[1:07:34 mins.] [panel discussion with presentations by Steve Drizin, Center on Wrongful Convictions, Chicago, Illinois and Laura Nirider, Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth, Chicago, Illinois]

Theories and Advocacy Strategies in False Confession Cases
[1:01:53 mins.]

Interviewing and Interrogation: 5 Keys to False Confession
[12:11 mins.]

Interrogation Tactics and False Confessions
[13:08 mins.] [audio]

Obtaining and Using False Confession Experts in Post-Conviction Claims
[1:05:05 mins.]

Don Connery on False Confessions
[46:31 mins.] [Don Connery, a Harvard-educated author and independent journalist, investigated and reported on a series of false-confession cases.]

False Confession: Episode of "Justice"
[9:45 mins.] [Episode of TV drama--"Justice"; fiction] Pt2 || Pt3 || Pt4 || Pt5 [app. 41 min.]

Why People Confess to Crimes They Didn't Commit
[3:04 mins.]

Why People Might Give a False Confession
[2:49 mins.] [Senna Austin, criminal justice professor]

Case Studies

Norfolk 4

Central Park 5

West Memphis 3

Brendan Dassey: "Making a Murder"

Brendan Dassey: A True Story of a False Confession
[2:06:28 mins.]

Brendan Dassey Police Interview: Interrogation Part #1
[56:03 mins.] Pt2 [1:47:54 ]

'Making a Murderer': Breaking Down Brendan Dassey's Confession
[8:31 mins.]

Raymond Santana|Central Park 5 & Erik Wilson|Norfolk 4

The Cases of Raymond Santana and Eric Wilson
[1:42:54 mins.] [Washington & Lee School of Law symposium]

Englewood 5 & Dixmoor 5

Overturn the Englewood 4 and Dixmoor 5 Convictions
[4:30 mins.]

Beatrice Six: Ada JoAnn Taylor

[5:45 mins.]

Ada JoAnn Taylor Describes the Interrogations that Led to her False Confession
[5:52 mins.]

Life After Exoneration

[3:25 mins.]

Melissa Calusinki

Melissa Calusinski pleads for new trial at hearing
[1:45 mins.] [ABC News] [coerced/false confession; 9 hrs. of interrogation]

Melissa Calusinski 'Ready To Come Home,' Father Says
[3:19 mins.]

Father Of Jailed Daycare Worker: Release My Daughter
[2:03 mins.]

Newly-Discovered X-Ray Scans Could Clear Daycare Worker In Toddler's Death
[3:16 mins.]

Melissa Calusinski: Detective "Made A Mistake"
[2:36 mins.]

New development could free woman convicted in toddler death
[5:03 mins.] [CBSN]

Melissa Calusinski Recalls "Nightmare" Interrogation In Toddler's Death
[4:06 mins.]

"48 Hours" investigates child care worker's confession in toddler death
[3:56 mins.]

Melissa Calusinski Case Front And Center In Lake County State's Attorney Race
[2:38 mins.] [CBS Chicago]

Wrongly Convicted
[58:54 mins.] [March 19, 2014] [Melissa Calusinski's father is interviewed] Pt1: Paul Calusinki & Attorney Paul DeLuca [59:02 mins.]

The Melissa Calusinski Interrogation
[1:27:46 mins.] Pt2 [35:22 mins.] Pt3 [24:40 mins.] Pt4 [24:41 mins.] Pt5 [24:41 mins.] Pt6 [1:27:48 mins.]

Michael Crowe

Miscarriage of Justice
[14:54 mins.] Pt2 [14:52 mins.] Pt3 [14:56 mins.]

Michael Crowe Case
[4:43 mins.]

Eddie Lowry

The Making of a False Confession
[2:54 mins.]

Johnnie Lee Savory

Johnnie Lee Savory Discusses His Confession (at Age 14) [5:24 mins.] Pt2 [5:33 mins.] Pt3: New Trial [4:29 mins.] Pt4 [3:30 mins.] Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying [In 2006, Johnnie Lee Savory was paroled and released after serving 30 years in prison.] [Journey for Justice] [Audio: Johnnie Lee Savory, in a 2008 interview tells his story] [Steve Drizin on justice for Savory]

Vanesa Gathers

First Woman Exonerated by Brooklyn's Conviction Review Unit
[7:40 mins.] [false confession]

Henry Lee McCallum

Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson Announces He Will Vacate Conviction of David McCallum [1l:18 mins.] [The David McCallum case involves false confessions, ineffective assistance of counsel]

The Bittersweet Taste of Freedom: Brooklyn man wrongfully jailed for 29 years
[2:03 mins.]

McCallum Talks to Huffington Post
[14:41 mins.] [David McCallum served 29 years in prison after being coerced into offering a false confession for the kidnapping and murder of a 20-year-old boy in 1985. ]

Henry McCollum, Leon Brown freed after 30 years in prison
[1:44 mins.] [McCollum's brother, Leon Brown, was also exonerated.]

Brothers freed after 30 years on Death Row
[2:20 mins.]

David & Me: Trailer
[1:58 mins.]

Wrongly Convicted Brothers Freed After 31 Years in Prison
[12:52 mins.]

2 Brothers Released From Prison After Spending 30 Years For A Rape & Murder They Didn't Commit [7:05 mins.]

DA Unashamed Of Wrongful Death Row Convictions
[5:20 mins.]

Innocent Man Spends Nearly 30 Years In Prison
[8:19 mins.]

Jeffrey Deskovic

Jeffrey Deskovic
[3:47 mins.] [NC Public Public Radio] [16 years in prison for murder and rape] [coerced false conviction; prosecutorial misconduct; misconduct by medical examiner]

Jeffrey Deskovic Talks Wrongful Conviction and Criminal Justice Reform
[5:44 mins.] [Al Jazeera]

The true injustice of wrongful conviction | Jeffrey Deskovic
[16:53 mins.] [TED Talk]

Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks before the New York State Legislature
[19:00 mins.]

Jeffrey Deskovic Talks About False Witnesses at the John Jay School of Criminal Justice
[16:15 mins.]

Jeffrey Deskovic Talks About DNA Databanks
[9:24 mins.]

Jeffrey Deskovic speaks about exoneree reintegration at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
[32:07 mins.]

Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks About When Justice is Denied
[1:00:04 mins.]

Jeffrey Deskovic speaks about False Confessions
[4:53 mins.]

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Defense Counsel in a False Confession Case

False Confession Defense
Don Murray, New York City