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Edward Robeson Taylor


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Lawyer, physician, poet, one time mayor of San Francisco, and Dean of Hastings Law School, Edward Robeson Taylor was born in Springfield, Illinois and took up residence in California in 1862 after working in a Missouri printing office. He graduated from a California medical college in 1865, took up the study of law, and was admitted to the bar in 1872. He practiced law in San Francisco from 1872 until 1899, serving at one time as the president of the San Francisco Bar Association. Upon retirement from his law practice he was named Dean of the Hastings College of Law (before it was an independent law school). Taylor died on July 5, 1923 in San Francisco.

Edward Robeson Taylor has the distinction of being, along with Thomas Burke, Jonathan W. Gordon, George D. Prentice, and Thomas Dunn English, not only a lawyer-poet, but also a physician. (Thomas Dale, another poet, while not a lawyer, served as a judge.)

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Edward Robson Taylor

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Poetry: Periodicals

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Bibliography: Articles

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